Thesis Theme – Recommended Theme For WordPress Blogs

Thesis Theme – Recommended Theme For WordPress Blogs

It is important to understand that the design of your website can affect your business. If you are a beginner or an advanced blog user and you want to know which WordPress theme can really make your site stand out, read on…

The Thesis theme for WordPress was created by Chris Pearson. What is Thesis and why is it one of the best WordPress themes out there?

Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme

First of all, it’s applicable for any blog or business website you want to set up in the WordPress platform. You can easily set up banners, videos and photos. Many Thesis theme users do not bother customizing it because it looks good right out of the box. Of course if you want to look different and create a website that showcases your personality, you can easily use the theme options to do some serious customization.

Using the theme options, you can:

  • Choose the number of columns you want for your blog
  • Put borders around your post area
  • You can make your content pages smaller, add sidebars or remove sidebars
  • Choose the category or pages you want to appear on the main navigation bar
  • Choose to have your menu links on the navigation bar

Bloggers can benefit most with the way Thesis theme is designed. They do not have to know PHP or HTML to add things like Google webmaster verification code. The same is applicable for Google analytics tracking codes.

Thesis is more than just another pretty WordPress theme. One more reason to get Thesis is the search engine optimization of your blog. Just using Thesis will make you more popular with the search engines. Specify the keywords you want the search robots to remember you by, and place these keywords on the space allotted for them in the theme options page.

Affiliate marketers can easily create websites that feature various products for sale. Video bloggers will love the feature area of the theme. If you travel, you can create a photo blog by using gallery plugins. If you want a portfolio site, you can easily create your CMS design using thesis.

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  1. Sams club Credit Card says:

    Great review… there are many great themes out there

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    Great review… been using thesis for months now and love it

  3. exoneenen says:

    Thesis theme is the best theme made yet

  4. Prednisone without prescription says:

    still not convinced this theme is worth the money since there is so much free stuff out there

  5. pills natural says:

    great theme, bought it 2 months ago. Worth the money

  6. forex trading reviews says:

    was thinking of picking up this theme.

  7. funfa says:

    great theme, just set it up myself

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    love the thesis theme

  9. Party Powder says:

    Tried it didnt like it

  10. Liza says:

    BION I’m ipmerssed! Cool post!

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